Saturday, February 9, 2013

Jack-Jack 6 months

 Yay, Jack, you are six months now!!! It is a lot of fun to watch you grow up.  Everyday you do new things and and become more fun!  This month you started playing with toys and now I can set you on the floor and let you play and chew on all kinds of things!
 We went to the park and for the first time you didn't have to hang out in the stroller.  Josie loved playing with you! She pushed you on the swing and I took you down a slide.
 Sibling converse shoes =)
I love that you can sit in a high chair, makes eating out and ice cream outings more fun for me =) I bet you will eating ice cream soon!!
 You have started eating some veggies and fruit, even mashing up some avocado, banana, and sweet potato and cramming it in your mouth your self.
 The day you turned 6 months you started pulling your self up to standing and now its all you want to do.  Playing on the inside of the exerciser is for babies, you want to be on the outside!! But if you walk at 7.5 months like your sister I will go crazy!!!!!  At the doctor we found out you are a small guy weighing 17 lbs and being 25.5 inches tall. 30th percentile. You still don't always sleep through the night, get up once to eat and go right back to sleep, but you are napping better and don't seem so cranky so I guess we will keep you around =)

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

This is out first family picture of four, Jack is sacked out!! This year Jeff put up the tree and fully decorated the house for Christmas while Jack, Josie and I were in TX for Thanksgiving. It was awesome to come to a pretty house.  
Jack 4 months
Josie 4 years
Christmas 2012 
Jack started giving kisses, love it!! By New Years almost all of that hair fell out on the bottom of his head!!
I told Josie to look cute, this is what we got!! Haha what a cheese ball!
Josie's pre school class had a birthday party for Jesus.  They made all kinds of crafts, sang songs, read stories and ate cake!
Christmas Eve 2012, getting Christmas jammies and setting out cookies for Santa. We spent a week and half in Kansas with the Jackson family. 
Santa found us and brought Josie a scooter and a stocking full of goodies.
Jack loved tearing at the paper and stuffing it into his mouth, typical baby's first Christmas right!
While we were in KS we saw lots of friends, Josie had her first official sleepover, we went to a cheer open gym to keep up on our skills =) and spent a lot of time with grandma and grandpa!!
Jack even got his first hair cut.
Josie and Aunt Cathrine
The Jackson men, guess beard o's make you a real man!
Jack looking dapper in his new fedora and converse tennies Santa brought him.
I got to spend some time with some the best friends I have a ever had. Wish we could see each other more often!!!
Jack and Josie ringing in the New Year. Hello 2013
Our last stop always before leaving Wichita and heading home.  the Doughnut Whole, best doughnuts on the planet!

And this random picture that showed up at the end of this post.  Jack liked laying on his belly and looking at the lights. I couldn't get a good picture, but I promise he loved it.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Halloween, Thanksgiving, Cheer and a picture of a Christmas tree, not really in that order......

 We spent Thanksgiving in Texas with the Halls.  We got to see Uncles Trey and Drew. I don't think anyone on earth loves them more than Josie! She ran and jumped into both of their arms when she saw them.  Jack got fly on an airplane for the first time and did great. I flew by myself with both kids and it was bad at all, Josie is a great helper and Jack was happy to ride on me in the carrier.
 Jack also met Great grandma and Gradpa Hall.
Right before we left we celabrated my grandma Johnson's bithday up in Denver with my cousins and their kids.  Josie and Presley and bestest friends.
 My hungry Jack is eating rice, oatmeal and barly cereal now.  He loves to eat and I am excited for real food once he can sit in high chair.  We didn't really do typical baby food with Josie (she ate what we ate, baby food is too exensive and she did great with table food) and won't with Jack either, but at three months he was trying to eat my oatmeal and could sit the bumbo so we knew he was ready for a little more than nursing.
 Josie is 4 years older and I know won't have much interest in really playing with Jack, but I do like these sweet moments when they are together.
 We had an Izzy from Jake and the Neverland Pirates and a baseball for trick or treating. It was fun, and my first time to take Josie out to do that.  I'm not really much for Halloween
Our 2012 tree! Pretty!!!
 Yay!!! My Flurries, they are awesome and I love coaching Josie. They really do get out there at comptitions and shine!
 Jo's 2nd cousin a cheerleader too, fun to see them at Denver compatitions.

 Our last comp was a two day and we got to stay in hotel and swim.  It was 70 degrees in Dec in Denver.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

the boy is two months and the girl is 4 and 1/2

 Jack is two months now and seems to be older, well maybe I feel like he should be older.  This time around seems to be going slower than it did with Josie. Jack is a pretty big dude 13.5 lbs and 23 inches.  He is the same size as his sister when she was 4 months old. He is monster eating man and has given me an infection I cannot seem to get rid of.  Thank goodness it is only on one side cause I'd go crazy if I had to pump both sides all day.  Josie has been able to give him a couple of bottles and I love that he will take them (Josie refused) but I am ready to get back to full time nursing and get rid of this pain. 
 Having two kids is more difficult but Josie is such a big helper she makes it almost seem easier than one, cause when I need something she is a ready and willing helper.  It helps that she is rewarded with a barbie or an afternoon out to a movie.  Jack and Josie have so been very similar babies. They both like to be upright looking around,  preferring standing to any other position, both were/are holding their heads up by 5 weeks, both didn't really nap or need to, no fussiness, both mostly sleeping though the night by 2 months and both mostly happy babies.  Jack however HATES his car seat and driving.  I have pretty much gotten used to the screaming and poor Josie who has to sit next to him in back is always asking for the music to be turned up ;) She is always telling me how much she loves him and seems to be reacting very well to him as well.  She is great calming him down and playing with him in his bouncy seat while I shower or do other things I need to do. I am now very glad I have the age gap I do.  God knew what we needed. 
Josie was very excited to turn 4 and 1/2 this year, we have never even talked about the 1/2 birthday til this year when she was asking when it was and getting very excited about it.  We made cupcakes and called it good (though she asked for gifts, HA!!) Josie is super awesome!!! She loves school, she going to part time kindergarten at my parents church school and keeping up the kindergartners who go every day.  She is still doing gymnastics, which starting to get more serious as the coaches are looking to move to a more competitive program.  She is also still on a comp cheer team, and loving that.  This summer she began to love swimming, we went almost everyday, and is request swimming lessons.  She loves to play with friends and by herself, she is sooooo creative and her imagination is incredible.  I don't remember having so much fun with barbies, she comes up with the most fun games to play with them.  She also loves musicals and listening to show tunes on my ipod, she is always singing ALWAYS, though I don't think she will make it in the music industry.  If she not outside, at an activity or playing with a friend, you will find her in her room listening to Adventures and Oddessy and playing teacher.  She also is learning to love God and pray.  She is always praying for friends and family.  She saw me pain and stopped what she was doing to pray for me. She is growing up so fast and I love it because each new age is more and more fun and watching grow up is the best.  

Friday, August 10, 2012

Jacks Birth Story

 When I had Josie my water broke the day before my due date, nothing fancy, just at home.  So I knew to go to the hospital, it was easy. I was hoping it would happen again, no way!! The day after my due date I started having painful contractions every 10-15 min.  I went to bed and couldn't sleep and over time they were 5 min and more painful.  I woke Jeff up and we waited that hour they tell you to wait and when they didn't stop we went to the hospital. It was about 2am.  At the hospital they checked me and was not dilated.  The nurse said I could wait an hour and they would check again.  After another check and no improvement they sent me home.  I was so frustrated, they were so painful and so even!! We were home for about 2 hours before I could not handle it anymore and went back to the hospital, praying not to get sent home.  While I was at home I was trying to not let Josie hear me in a lot of pain, but that was impossible and she later told my mom, "see I told her it was gonna hurt"! So no scaring for life =) Back at the hospital I was 3 cm, thank God!!! An hour later they started an epidural, again thank you God =) two hours after that I was 7cm.  I could not believe it was going so fast. I was group b strep positive and needed the antibiotics to work on the baby so they made me keep him in there for another hour, but after that I was ready to push.  35 min of pushing and her was here.  With Josie it was 2.5 hours, so I was thrilled.  Jeff cut the umbilical cord and I held him after they cleaned him up.  I didn't really get any pictures of right after he come out but he was 8lbs, 3ozs, 21 inches long, and had the hair I hoped for after having my super hairy Josie. 
 We had Josie come meet him first before any other family and she was super excited to kiss him and tell him she loved him. 
 This is my favorite way to hold him!
On my due date! 

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Jack is here

 Jack Donald Jackson
July 31st
8lbs 3ozs
21 inches
Not as much hair as his sister, but I'd call it a full head =)

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Summer Fun 2012 (before baby edition)

 Swimming, we did a lot of swimming, even got to bring some friends along a few times.
 Sonic happy hour!
 Cheer practice without shoes and Popsicle breaks to escape the hot gym!
 More swimming. Jo has always loved swimming and its always been a huge part of our summers. This summer is special because Jo decided to swim for real and can even swim all the way across the deep end coming up for breaths as she needs too.  I guess its time for real swim lessons!
 Lunches and movies with Grandma, Aunt Linda sent Jo her very first (used) Coach purse. She filled it full of baby supplies for her brother and it goes everywhere with her.
 Three baby showers, feeling very loved and stocked on diapers for a while!
 Lots of playing with the next door neighbor.  Best friends for sure!!
 Week of gymnastics camp, lots of fun and new skills! Jo cried on the last day!!
 Out door movies, nice treat on a cool Colorado evening.
Santa's Workshop, a yearly tradition! Jo's fav! I went every summer as a kids and love taking Jo.  
 Dad and Jo car ride, have a pic from every year of her life starting at 2.
 Jo and Presley her cousin at our traditional Christmas in July with the Johnson side of the family in Denver.
 Board games before bed, Jo's new love.  Takes sooooo much longer than books, but a fun family thing to do a few times a week.
 G-ma, mom and Jo pedi's.
 AAAnnnd more swimming!!!!!
 Getting ready for brother. Josie is practicing her diapering skills.
 His little part of the house.  We didn't do up a big room him, but we did for Josie. Josie didn't get an awesome nursery either, why spend the money on a tiny baby when now she can actively help and love her room. Its very pink, purple and princess.  We are almost done with it and she loves it so far.  
 My body getting ready for baby, ugg excited to get rid on the swolleness =)
We are a week away from my due date, so any time now they say =) I am glad Josie and I packed a fun summer into June and most of July, cause I have feel Aug will be pretty low key, for a good reason. We are going to try to head out to KS for Labor Day Weekend!