Saturday, February 9, 2013

Jack-Jack 6 months

 Yay, Jack, you are six months now!!! It is a lot of fun to watch you grow up.  Everyday you do new things and and become more fun!  This month you started playing with toys and now I can set you on the floor and let you play and chew on all kinds of things!
 We went to the park and for the first time you didn't have to hang out in the stroller.  Josie loved playing with you! She pushed you on the swing and I took you down a slide.
 Sibling converse shoes =)
I love that you can sit in a high chair, makes eating out and ice cream outings more fun for me =) I bet you will eating ice cream soon!!
 You have started eating some veggies and fruit, even mashing up some avocado, banana, and sweet potato and cramming it in your mouth your self.
 The day you turned 6 months you started pulling your self up to standing and now its all you want to do.  Playing on the inside of the exerciser is for babies, you want to be on the outside!! But if you walk at 7.5 months like your sister I will go crazy!!!!!  At the doctor we found out you are a small guy weighing 17 lbs and being 25.5 inches tall. 30th percentile. You still don't always sleep through the night, get up once to eat and go right back to sleep, but you are napping better and don't seem so cranky so I guess we will keep you around =)

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